Wood Cleaning & Sealing

Reyco Property Maintenance, LLC will keep your exterior at its best – and it’s safest! – with our complete wood cleaning and sealing services.

Wood Restoration

Because of Every Surface Matters

A deck where you host barbecues. A fence that provides a warm welcome every time you approach your property. A front porch that completes your home. These are the things that you love most about your property – and these are the things that our team is here to protect.

Reyco Property Maintenance, LLC offers complete wood cleaning and sealing for:

  • Decks

  • Fences

  • Porches

  • Stairways

  • … And More!

Our Wood Cleaning Solution

Wood features around your home are very susceptible to the elements, as well as dirt, debris, and pollutants. Wood surfaces are always exposed, so it’s only natural that they get worn down over time. But this wear and tear can impact their appearance, their longevity, and even their safety.

You want to enjoy your outdoor living space, not avoid it because it looks unsightly or because it is unsafe. Our team fights back to extend the life of your fence, porch and patio and ensure they last you for many years.

We offer a solution that will:

  • Strip away

    the build-up of dirt and grime to leave your surfaces as they should be – clean, safe, and inviting

  • Kill mold, algae, and other spores

    that latch onto your wood surfaces to ensure long-term quality

  • Eliminate slip and fall risks

    from slippery buildup, so your property is always safe for your family and for any friends and company you have over

Our Wood Sealing Solution

Cleaning your wood fences, decks, and other areas is just the first step to ensuring the life of the wood materials and a clean, pristine look. After cleaning your wood surfaces, our team provides an added layer of protection with our professional sealing service. This measure:

This protects the surface from water, mold/mildew, oil and contaminant staining, and more. In many cases sealing your concrete enhances the appearance, especially with aggregate and stamped concrete.

  • Prevents water damage and rot

    by acting as a protective sealant for your property

  • Promotes curb appeal

    by creating a crisp, clean aesthetic that aligns with the design scheme of your property

  • Locks in quality

    by keeping the good characteristics – like a trim appearance and lasting protection – in, and the bad risks out

Informative Articles

Reyco Wood Cleaning and Sealing

By Anya Curry | June 1, 2020

A home is the most significant investment most If you have wood features within your residence, you know how appealing it can be – and how susceptible it is to the elements, dirt, and grime.   That’s where the professionals of Reyco Wood Cleaning and Sealing come in! Residential wood cleaning and sealing is essential…

Residential patio after Reyco wood cleaning and sealing.

What You Will Get?

After all, your wood surfaces should make your property better, not bring it down. You’ve invested a lot in your home and it should remain a place where you can enjoy your outdoor spaces and functionality just as much as the inside.

With Reyco Property Maintenance, LLC, you can count on beautiful curb appeal, long-lasting quality, and results that will last for the long run.